Young overseas students are an important factor to promote the development of Jiangsu Province. This year, due to the outbreak of coronavirus, many students returned to China. The Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the Youth League and the Provincial Youth Union provide close and accurate services for these students. Together with the Provincial Talent Office, the Provincial State Owned Enterprise Supervision and Administration Commission, the Provincial European and American Students Association , the UK China Talents Development Association and the Youth League of Jiangsu Province have jointly launched the "New Gravitation " summer internship program for overseas students. With the best policies, the greatest enthusiasm and the most comprehensive services, this summer internship program will attract more overseas students to come to Jiangsu for employment and entrepreneurship.


The "New Gravitation " summer internship program is connected by UK China Talents Development Association and other overseas youth work stations. A group of overseas students were recruited from the world's top 200 overseas universities. These students carried out internships in Jiangsu High Tech Investment group, Transportation Holding, Huatai Securities, Guoxin Group, Eastern Airport, and Five Star Holding according to the specialty of students, where they actively participated in enterprise work. These students also had the opportunity to feel the wisdom of governance of Jiangsu, Jiangsu's attitude towards talents through field trips and social experience.

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